Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glitter Ornaments

Gather your supplies:

Clear ornaments
Floor polish
Plastic cup
Small funnel


Get your ornament and pour the floor polish in it. Swirl it around until you coat the entire inside of the ornament. Once it is covered, poor the excess floor polish out into your plastic cup.

Now that your ornament is covered in floor polish, pour glitter into your ornament using the funnel. It's Okay if you poor a little extra glitter, you can re-use it for your next ornament.

Turn the ornament around until the entire ornament is covered with glitter. It  helps if you put your thumb over the hole at the top so glitter doesn't come flying out.

Once the inside of the ornament is covered in glitter, set to dry on the plastic trays that your ornaments came in.


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